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5x7 Birthday Invitation Freebie

I made this quick 5x7 birthday party invitation for my little boy's 2nd birthday this year. You can put photos in each of the 3 openings, if you like (I could only get one picture!) I used the font LD Little Piggy that I purchased at for only $3.

You can easily change the colors with the hue/saturation slider.

Here is the download link:

5x7 Birthday Invitation


Becky said...

This is cute-it's really nice of you to share, Alexis.

Chick said...

You rawk so hard Alexis!!!

trish said...

I have been looking for weeks for something similar to this. Thank you SO MUCH !!

Jena Photography said...

Thank you for the share Alexis. It's beautiful. The 3 openings what size are they?

Candace J. Banks said...

very awesome template!!! thanks for sharing!