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Grunge Texture Freebie

I have recently started using textures for some of my photos, and I am finding out how much fun it is to create your own textures and blends. Here is one for all of you! I'd love to see what you all do with it - leave a comment if you like the texture blend, and if you have a request for future freebies, let me know!
Here is the link to the download:


Julie Jewels said...

This grunge texture is great! I can't wait to use it on some baseball pictures I have!

roman said...

Thanks so much for the texture. I would very much like to see more in the future.

Sunny said...

Love, love, love this one. Thank you.

Candace J. Banks said...

love it!!! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'm also going to use your photography tips.

Pretoria Wedding Photographer said...

thanks so much. love love love it. Jenna