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Gone Camping - and Photo Book Coupon Codes!

I'm sorry for the picture-less post, but I wanted to let you all know that I am headed out for a family camping trip today (Friday, the 29th) and I will be back on Monday the 1st. Any orders placed between now and then will be filled as soon as I return.

Also, I have a TON of ArtsCow coupon codes for 8x8 photo books $11.99 each with free shipping. I didn't realize that I had sooo many, and they are all expiring on September 4th! I have ordered 14 books from ArtsCow so far, and I have been very pleased!

Although they are no longer offering the free book for signing up, they are still offering the 400 free prints just for signing up (you still pay the shipping). The prints are divided into 200 free 4x6's and 200 free 5x7's that you redeem in increments of 50 each. I love their prints. The paper is not as thick as the pro lab papers (it's more like a one hour lab paper), but their color is dead on! Anyhow, go have a look, and you can use any of my photo book templates to make your book with a coupon.

I *think* that you can use more than one coupon code if you're ordering more than one book. So, if you would like one (or more) of the codes, email me - - I will send out the codes as soon as I return home from our camping trip!


Eileen said...

I would LOVE a coupon. You are so generous and kind. Have fun camping.

heddomarie said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful things you have posted. You are very talented and very sweet for sharing!