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The Rule of Thirds

As photographers, we hear about the rule of thirds all the time, and with good reason. The rule of thirds simply states that when an image is divided equally horizontally and vertically, that the subject should be placed at an intersection of those lines. It seems like a simple "rule" but it can make a huge impact on your photography!

Next time you are out taking pictures, try this: Take a photo with the subject centered in the frame. Then, try taking a picture of the same subject, only this time make a conscious effort to place your subject at an "intersection" of the lines. You will be amazed at the difference in your images!

Sometimes you can create more visual interest by using the rule of thirds with a slight "tilt" of your camera. Generally, when I use a tilt, I like to make sure that the subject isn't falling "forward" (the left side) off the image.
It is often said that rules were meant to be broken. This is sometimes true for the rule of thirds as well. Sometimes breaking the rule can create more visual interest or help to tell a story even better. In this image, I wanted to emphasize the solitude of this young man and his reflection. Because there is very little background or foreground distraction, a horizontally and vertically centered subject works well with this image.