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Photo Gifts (Part Four)

This photo gift is definitely one of my favorites! I love making photo Christmas ornaments, and these are fast, easy, and reasonably affordable. (Hint: The tins come in packs of 30 for about $20, so if you buy them from Michael's or JoAnn's, use your 40% off coupon!)

Christmas Ornament Tins
Approximate Cost: $1.50 per ornament
Time to Create: About 10 minutes per ornament


• Wilton Wedding Favor Tins (I have found them at Wal-Mart, Michael's, and JoAnn)
• 2" Circle Punch (Optional, but helpful if you're making a bunch)
• Wallet-Size Photo
• 3-D Adhesive Foam Dots
• Ribbon in a variety of widths and styles
• Double Stick Tape or Tape Runner
• Stem Wire (or similar wire)
• Wire Cutters
• Jewelry Pliers
• Push Pin or Thumb Tack


1. Using the push pin, punch a hole in the side of the tin to insert the wire ornament hanger. Punch the hole through the tin itself, and not through the side of the lid.

2. Cut a 4-6" piece of wire. Insert one end into the hole of the tin. Using the pliers, curl the end that is inside the tin so that the wire won't come out of the tin. Then, carefully use the pliers to make a large curl for the hanger on the other end of the wire. You should have 1-2 inches of straight wire in between the tin and the large curl.

3. If you have a 2" circle punch, use that to cut out the wallet-size photo. If you're using scissors, carefully remove the plastic from the lid of the tin, and use that to trace the size of the photo. Then, cut the photo out, and replace the plastic piece.

4. Stack 2-4 (depending on the thickness) 3-d Adhesive Foam Dots in the bottom of the tin, with the photo at the top of the stack. Pay special attention to the location of the wire ornament hanger.

5. Cut a piece of ribbon to wrap around the outside of the tin. Starting at the wire ornament hanger, use the double stick tape to adhere the ribbon to the tin. When you get back to the ornament hanger, carefully trim away the excess ribbon.

6. Cut 4-8 strips of ribbon about 3"-4" long. Simply tie them around the straight part of the wire hanger with square knots.

Here are some images of a few others ornaments that I made:


Eileen said...

I cannot even believe how adorable those are! Nice work.

Cathi Green said...

These are wonderful! Your work is lovely, and inspires me to be more creative. Thank you!

Melissa said...

These turned out beautifully and I wonder if my kids holiday craft shop could make them, they are ages 5 to 10? I'd probably do all the hole punching and precutting ahead of time. What do you think?

Karin T. said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Love this idea, and will be making them for my mom's group!! Thank you :)

Lorraine said...

these are wonderful. thank you so much for sharing these delightful ornaments! What a fantastic project! thanks again!

Brinn said...

These are so cute! I had to make some myself, I just finished them tonight and hung them all on the tree, they are beautiful! Thanks so much for the idea!

Whitehead's Monthly Menu said...

I love these~