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Photo Gifts (Part Seven)

Okay, so this one isn't really handmade, but I wanted to show it to you anyway. You could totally make a similar one yourself, and if you wanted to buy one, they're pretty affordable (mine was $9 from a store on

My mobile is titled "Mommy's Wish for You" and each smaller photo has a "wish" on the back. I have also seen a mobile with "What I Love About You" for a theme.

Photo Mobile
Approximate Cost: About $15 for this one, but I think you could make it for about $5.
Time to Create: About 30 minutes


• Ten-photo mobile (available HERE.)
• 3" circle punch
• (16) small photos - about 3"
• (2) 4x5 or 4x6 photos
• Double-Stick Tape or Adhesive
• Corner Rounder


* I used Photoshop to make 3" green circles with 2.5" photos inside them. Then, I printed them on 4x6's, and the large, square photo in the center is a 4x5.*

1. Using the 3" circle punch, cut each of the 16 smaller photos.

2. Use the adhesive to stick the photos back-to-back. Watch to make sure that the photos are turned the same way - watch for one that's upside down, etc.

3. Round the corners of the two larger photos, and stick them back-to-back with the adhesive.

4. Simply clip the photos to the mobile with the alligator clips.