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Photo Gifts (Part Six)

I found this "puzzle cube" (an off-brand Rubik's Cube) at my Dollar Tree, and since I am totally a dollar store junkie, I had to buy it. It was sitting on my desk next to a stack of 4x6's and I had the idea to turn it into a photo puzzle cube.

Photo Puzzle Cube
Approximate Cost: $2.50
Time to Create: Less than an hour


• Cheap Puzzle Cube (Check dollar stores and dollar aisles!)
• (6) 4x6 photos
• Paper Cutter
• Glue Runner or Double Stick Tape
• Clear Acrylic Sealer


* Note: Before you begin, it might be a good idea to remove the stickers that are already on the cube. I didn't do this, and you can see bits of the stickers under my photos.*

1. First, cut one of the photos down to be about the same size (maybe slightly smaller) than one of the sides of the puzzle cube.

2. Next, simply place the trimmed photo over the cube and make a tiny mark at each of the separations between the little squares/blocks of the cube.

3. Use your paper cutter to cut each of the little squares out, and use your glue runner or double-stick tape to adhere each square to the cube. Be careful to make sure that you securely fasten the photo on all sides/corners.

4. Spray a coat or two of clear acrylic sealer over the whole cube to add a little protection to the photos.

* I just thought of this as I was typing the instructions - It would be super easy (and probably more durable) if you use the sticker paper and print your photos directly onto it. Then you wouldn't have to be so careful about the double-stick tape and the edges of the photos.*


Marissa Vargason said...

That is such an awesome idea! All of them are! my daughter is making one of these from grandma and grandpa for christmas! Thanks for hte generosity and sharing your ideas.

Lisamariemlt said...

what a neat gift
and the tip at the end is so handy
thanks for sharing

Ashley Bailey said...

what a great idea!!