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Wednesday's (Accessories) Contest! - Winners!

These winners were randomly chosen from Wednesday's contest:

"I, like Laura, am just getting started so I do not have a lot of "stuff" although there is a lot that has caught my attention! I guess the one thing that I love is my backpack that fits my camera and three lenses... it makes it easy to keep with me at all times!"


Smalltown Girl
"I never even considered getting "cute" stuff for my camera. I love taking outdoor pictures and the most important things to me are my camera, lenses and a sturdy camera bag. I didn't even know they made cute things for a camera. I guess I'm more into buying the right equipment than how that equipment looks. The trees don't care what my equipment looks like! Having said that, I guess it wouldn't hurt to have some fun stuff to help with inspiration."


"I'm just starting but I love anything bright and colorful!!!"


"I love OLD chairs!"

Congrats to all of you! Please email me your address so I can ship your prize to you! If you have a preference of strap cover, let me know. First choice is the first person on the list (Gaspegirl), second is the second person (Smalltown Girl), and so on.


Gaspegirl said...

Hey... that is ME! Awesome... thanks so much! Off to email you now...

Congratulations to everyone else too ;)

Gingersnaps said...

Oh, congrats Jessie, that will be an easy delivery :)

Jessie said...

YAHOO!!! Thanks Alexis :)

Eileen said...

What the?! I never win anything! Till now. Thank you! I could just pick it up from you. I still work @ B.T. I got your phototips cards from you there.