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Change Your Perspective

It is amazing the difference that a different angle or perspective can make for any image. The camera's angle and position can really help to tell the story, eliminate background distractions, and add depth & drama to your images.

This morning I saw this simple pinecone on my driveway, and I snapped this picture:

It's okay as far as exposure, clarity, and lighting, but it just isn't very interesting to look at. I take a quick glance and get bored.

So I took another shot. I did not move the pinecone at all - didn't change anything except my perspective. This shot has much more visual interest - I don't feel so bored when I look at it.

Here are a few more examples with my cute little garden frog:

Boring perspective:

More interesting perspective:

Don't be afraid to change your perspective! Take pictures from above, below, and the sides of your subject. Sometimes you'll need a chair or a ladder, and sometimes you'll need to lay down on your stomach to get low enough to the ground (that's what I did for both of the "interesting" shots). You may feel a little silly at first, but you will love your results!


Gaspegirl said...

What a great visual tip! Thanks for sharing that!

sunshinesls said...

Thanks!! Oh my goodness what a difference it made....I will go forth photograph with the knowledge!

Page said...

I wander around and so often find interesting things on the ground and even though I get in close I am so often disappointed in the result. Simple examples that you gave really show how getting on the same level of the object can make is so much more 'personal'...and much less like a photograph!

Eileen said...

Love your ideas here. TFS

And LOVE my new camera strap cover! It came today. Much thanks and praise for picking me.

Staci B said...

Very, very true. However, I am finding it harder to get lower, my knees hurt! Sheesh, I am only 42! LOL BTW, I got the book today...thanks again!