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Template Packs

I have been working on these template packs, and I finally have them finished! There are two different packs with different templates and different papers in each.

For each template pack, there are 12 different templates:
(4) 12x12 Templates
(4) 10x20 Templates
(4) 16x20 Templates
and (4) Different Background Papers

Template Pack #2:
Here are the papers that are included with the Template Packs. Each paper has been cropped and adjusted for each of the 3 different template sizes, so it is super fast and easy to just drag and drop the background on the template.

And finally, I quickly put together a few samples using the templates and papers for you to see:

Template Pack #1 - $18.00

Template Pack #2 - $18.00

Template Pack #1 PLUS Template Pack #2 - $32.00

(You will be redirected to my shop.)


Staci B said...

Great job!

amymom24 said...

These are beautiful, Alexis!

Gingersnaps said...

These are awesome! You have such a great eye!

Deb said...

Ohhhh! Those are yummy! I so need to figure out PSE! Will these work in PSE or just in photoshop?

You amaze me, my friend!

Jay White said...

I am on clickin moms and follow your blog.. I purchased these last nights and love love love them!! Thank you so much!