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Grunge Texture Tutorial

This is a very simple tutorial for using the freebie textures here. Some of the instructions may be a little different depending on the version of Photoshop you're using, but I think that most of you should be able to do this.

1 • Open the photo you'd like to apply the texture to, along with (2) textures.

2 • Make one of the texture files active. Press Ctrl + A to Select All, and then Ctrl + C to copy.

3 • Go back to the photo, and press Ctrl + V to Paste the texture onto the photo. Use the transform controls to rotate and resize the texture as necessary.

4 • Change the texture layer's blending mode to Soft Light, Overlay, or something else to your liking.

5 • Now, at this point I tend to like to adjust the levels of the texture layer to either help increase or decrease its intensity.

6 • Now, repeat steps 2 and 3 to get the other texture onto your photo.

7 • Make the 2nd texture's blending mode Overlay, Soft Light, or something else to your liking.

8 • I like to use 2 or more texture layers, but I find that it gets to be too intense after the first one, so I like to adjust the opacity of the texture layers to my liking.

9 • Now, this last step is optional, especially if you started out with a somewhat vintage-y image. I like to make the photo layer look a little faded and old. So, select the Background layer in the layers palette.

10 • Bring up the Hue/Saturation dialog by pressing Ctrl + U. Now, tweak the Hue slider a little, and adjust the saturation slider to your liking. (Here, my Hue is set to -5 and the Saturation is -35).

11 • And here is the finished image! If you have any questions, please email me at


mooneyequalsmc2 said...

Alexis, thank you so much for giving these out free AND providing the tutorial.

Really appreciate that generosity. They look every bit as nice as the expensive stuff other people are selling!

Esther said...

Hi Alexis, Thank you for the textures. Your texture tutorial is great, and the photo you used is fabulous. It looks great the way you PP'd it!

tweederbug said...

thanks so much for the freebie and the tutorial. You are just so talented!

Anonymous said...

That tutorial is fantastic! thanks so much for those textures, I cant wait to have a play with them!


Jacilynn said...

gorgeous. Just found your site and I'm a fan!!!!

Lana Voeller Photography said...

Love how easy your tutorials are...I will be playing with this one soon too.. what a rgeat location you have there too.. love it...

Leslie said...

Thanks for the textures!! I love them!

Julie said...

I have a question, is photoshop the best program to use for photo editing and what not? I use picture it but know that it doesn't have anything like photo shop but before I buy wanted to know more.
Thanks for your help.
God Bless.

Kent Weakley said...

Great technique. I love the rustic feel of this image. Very nice!!

Unknown said...

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alex said...

very helpful tutorial

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