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2010 Valentine's Card Templates

Valentine's Day will be here soon, and I have put together a few card templates in honor of the day. :-) There (4) different designs, and I have included each one as both a 5x7 and a 3x4. I love to use 3x4s because it's so easy and affordable to put two of them on a 4x6 and then simply cut the 4x6 in half.

The set is $10.

EDITED TO ADD: I had several requests for some 2x3.5" cards to print as WHCC's Rep Cards. So, here they are. They're included in the set now. :)

Price: $10.00
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Gingersnaps said...

I LOVE these! I love your designs, and i LOVE your photos with "Jackson"! You are amazing!

Gail said...

WOW.. just beautiful.